What Are Hyhr Bucks & How to Use Them

What Are Hyhr Bucks & How to Use Them March 4, 2022
Reading Time: 4 minutes

As an ambassador you may be asking yourself what are Hyhr Bucks and how do I use them? Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you find your Hyhr Bucks balance & how to apply them during checkout for your personal purchases.

So, what are Hyhr Bucks exactly?

Hyhr bucks is our rewards system for credit that you can earn from the purchases your friends, family, or people in your personal network make using your Ambassador code. Your available hyhr bucks are like cash for cannabis: you can use your balance to buy cannabis products on our marketplace.

How do Hyhr Bucks work?

You receive HYHR bucks on every purchase from your referrals. For example, if your referral makes an order of $100 you get $8 in Hyhr Bucks credited to your account immediately! And what’s amazing is that you earn Hyhr bucks on all your referral’s purchases going forward! There’s no limit to how much you can earn & this applies to every new customer you bring to gethyhr.com, which means the more they buy, the more you earn. Share your Ambassador code with new customers and start earning on all their future purchases!

*** Note: Make sure that your referral uses YOUR unique ambassador code, otherwise you won’t get credit for their purchases!

How to Use Your Hyhr Bucks

Hyhr Bucks are super simple to use! When you place an order in your shopping cart you will have the option to use your Hyhr bucks for an immediate credit on your purchase. There’s no waiting period for you to save money, the moment you have HYHR bucks in your account you can use it for any product that we offer on GetHyhr.com

Step 1: Log in to your Get Hyhr account.

Navigate over to GetHyhr.com and sign into your account.

Step 2: Click on Ambassador link in the nav.

Click onto the Ambassador link in the nav to access your Ambassador profile page.

Step 3: Click on the Hyhr Bucks link.

Upon signing in you’ll enter into your Ambassador profile. Click the link labeled “Hyhr Bucks” to access your Hyhr Bucks balance.

Step 4: View your Hyhr Bucks Balance

Your Hyhr Bucks balance (pictured within the square) displays your available balance that can be applied towards your own purchases on the Get Hyhr marketplace.

Step 5: Add items from our marketplace & click checkout.

Shop our marketplace and add the products that you want to your cart. When finished, click the checkout button.

Step 6: Follow the prompts on the first checkout page.

Enter the delivery time you prefer and your delivery address. Then click continue.

Step 7: Apply your Hyhr Bucks balance on the final checkout page.

Select your preferred payment method and then enter the an amount from your balance to apply your Hyhr bucks against the total price of your order by clicking “Update” and your balance will be reduced by the same amount. 

Step 8: Click continue to place your order.

After you apply your Hyhr Bucks balance you’ll notice your order total will change. You can see how much you’ve applied by looking at the subtotals (Hyhr Bucks credit pictured within the rectangle). Click continue to place your order and you’ll receive a confirmation email. Then wait for your order and enjoy!

Ready to use your Hyhr Bucks?

Head on over to our marketplace to get started. If you need further assistance reach out to our customer service email info@gethyhr.com to get help!